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Category of air screwdriver

Air screwdriver is used for tightening and loosening screws and nuts. Because of its working high speed, efficiency, low temperature rise, life longer than electric screwdrivers and so forth, it has become an essential tool for assembly industry. Air screwdriver can be divided into several types according to different conditions, as following:

1.     Semi-automatic hammer impact mechanism air screwdriver

A) Semi-automatic hammer impact mechanism air screwdriver is the one that does not automatically stop operating when reaching the rated torque. Usually it has trigger start and shut off design and with hammers inside of housing.

   B)The structure of this type of air screwdriver is simple and durable. Because it can’t control torque, it usually only uses for tightening / loosening large screws or not strict torque required working piece such as motorcycle, automobile, boat and steel framework.

2.  Automatic air screwdriver

    A) This type of air screwdriver can automatically stop operating when work      to reach the rated torque.

    B) The structure of this air screwdriver is relatively complicated, it has a motor, clutch, deceleration device, brake device…etc. It usually uses for tightening / loosening small screws or strict torque required working piece such as electrical and electronics.


3. Level type start shut off air screwdriver

  This type of air screwdriver requires pressing lever or pressing trigger to start operating.


4. Push start shut off electric screwdriver

  This type of screwdriver doesn’t need to pressing lever or trigger to start operating, just to push it at working piece and it can be started directly.


Different type of air screwdriver has different uses, choose correct air screwdriver will help you work more efficiently.




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