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The basic structure of electric screwdriver and steps of using electric screwdriver

Using electric screwdriver tighten or loose screws is very fast and save energy, itˇ¦s great for small strength person or operators who need to constant tighten or loosen screws

The basic structure is as Illustrate:

1 Bit
2 Adaptor
Battery unlock button
5 Start shut off switch
6 Forward reversed lever
7 Light

You have to install battery into handle before using an electric screwdriver, the battery must be properly stuck in the handle, battery terminal have to be aligned with the bottom of the handle in order to avoid poor contact.

 If the battery power has run out, the protection switch will automatically turn off the power tool to stop operation.

 When working load heavy or battery temperature exceeds the permissible temperature range (0-70 degrees Celsius), the machine will automatically reduce its rpm. When the battery temperature returns to permissible temperature range, the electric screwdriver can re-start to use.

When turn the forward reversed lever to forward side and the electric screwdriver can tighten screws, and turn to reversed side and the electric screwdriver can loosen screws.

Some electric screwdrivers install a safety device in forward reversed switch, just adjusts the safety device in the middle of switch, it can prevent inadvertent machine start

Pressing the start shut off switch (5) lightly, the machine will start running at low speed, then press gradually increasing and the run speed of machine will more and more fast.

When pressed switch,(7) light will light up, it is suitable to work in dark area such as stapling separator for cabinet.

 Steps of using electric screwdriver:

1. Select the appropriate screwdriver.

2. Fix bit to chuck.
3. Hold handle by right hand and hold front housing by fingers of left hand.
4. Depending on purpose of use, adjust forward reversed switch to forward side by index finger.
5. Bit aligned to the recess of screw head which needed to be fixed, put the tip of bit into recess of screw   head vertically and give appropriate pressure.
6. Press switch, when screwdriver start to tighten screw until screw can not be rotated to release index finger immediately.

As for the steps for loosening screws, in addition to adjust forward reversed switch to ˇ§reversedˇ¨ side,
the other steps from step 1 to step 6 are the same.

Someone asked: Can I use electric drill to replace electric screwdriver?

Usually we donˇ¦t recommend using an electric drill to replace an electric screwdriver, because both designs of motors are difference and output torques are difference. When using an electric tighten screw, it is easy to twist hand if the screw be tightened too tight. But if the screw is not tightened enough, the screw head or bit are easily cased damaged, or worse, the electric drill may be broken.


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